An Edgy Eatery on Route 66

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Lead Staff

Kathy Denisiewicz

Dameon LeBrun
Executive Chef

Juliette Denis
Front of the House




Goats N Roses opened in May 2017 and is located on Carter Hill Farm in Marlborough, Connecticut. Esteemed Chef Kathy Denisiewicz, Chef Dameon Lebrun, and Designer Juliette Denis came together to create a rare and exquisite farm to table dining experience. Chef Kathy Denisiewicz is the owner of two popular restaurants in Connecticut, The Spicy Green Bean in Glastonbury and Shad Row in Rocky Hill. 

We are dedicated to healthy eating and are devoted to accommodating diners with dietary restrictions. We use farm fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and eggs in every dish we serve. Our menus offer a variety of lactose free, gluten free, and vegetarian options and we are more than happy to customize any dish to meet specific dietary needs.

Every morning we wake up and every night we fall asleep believing in what we do. We ask that you believe in us too. Our uncontrollable passion for what we do is evident in every plate, glass, candle, fresh herb, sauce, and everything else we share. We dream of making a difference  in your day and in this world, one bite at a time, one experience at a time.  From the bottom of our hearts we appreciate that you chose to dine with us. Let us show you what is in our hearts. Food is love, laughter is love, love is love. 


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